Read Che Marville’s Action Plan for Working People in Oakville

Oakville NDP Candidate Che Marville has an innovative, results-oriented plan for working people, based on the values of solidarity, democracy and equity:

• Invest more in health care to hire more doctors and nurses, create additional hospital beds and reduce surgery wait times. Invest resources to give seniors the support they need to live at home.

• Create jobs by rewarding small businesses and boosting incomes for wage earners and working families. They’re not only workers. They’re consumers and therefore job creators, too. Ontario needs a raise.

• Put more resources into education to reduce class sizes and freeze university tuition fees. Ensure long-term funding for early childhood education. Allow for greater creativity and innovation in our classrooms.

• Protect Greenspaces in Oakville. Invest in public transportation to reduce gridlock on highways. Free up the QEW and the 403 now!

• Invest in affordable child care and make more spaces available for working parents.

• End corporate welfare and billion-dollar tax cut givaways. Create progressive taxation system and invest resources into social services.

Read Che’s Full Plan

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